California Worm 500 units, Composter up to 1,5 m3

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California Worm 500 units, Composter up to 1,5 m3, free delivery in Poland.

Dżdżownica kalifornijska (Red Hybrid of California) 500szt.

1000 w magazynie


How is it different from other “bugs”? First of all, in order to live the, it needs a substrate with little depth. In “fishing” cultures , what is used is a 5 cm layer, and in cultures carried out to obtain fertilizer, the substrate layer is up to a depth of 35 cm. The difference between it and other earthworms is that the California one keeps close to its habitat at all times, without resorting it as her “wild” ilk does. The appearance and description of the bait. They are thin, reddish-brown earthworms, with a body length (adult) of about 9 cm, a diameter of 3 to 5 millimeters, number of segments (rings) from 80 to 120. They reach the age of up to 16 years, and sexual maturity after approximately 100 days of life. They live in large numbers, do not suffer from any disease, bacterial or viral infections. Self-cultivation conditions. In a years’ time the breeding, guaranteed that the worms have optimal conditions, increases 21 times (if it is conducted in “open air” – 9 times). We also offer “wild” earthworms, which are perfect as an addition to baits and food for aquarium fish. Our offer is addressed for: – fishing – aquarium – fishing shops – pet stores – gardeners

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